Thursday, October 1, 2009


Friday I make the trek up into Northern Alberta to work at the Alberta Stock Dog Association Field Trials.  On Tuesday, my dad moved cattle and shipped his calves.  Tessa, who was fine when I left for work was three legged hopping when I got home.  While dad hasn't said anything I'm wondering if he didn't "borrow" her to help him.  This is causing some stress in my life as I'm supposed to "set" sheep for the trial.  

What this means is I'm supposed to keep the sheep in a nice quiet circle until the handler who is competing has sent their dog and the running dog is close to the sheep, at which point I call of my dog and get out of the way.  Tessa would handle the job just fine.  A lame Tessa can't do this job.  I'll be bringing Reba with me as a back up but am scared as she hasn't done much off the place.  She is a great listener on stock but animals always act differently when they are worked elsewhere.

Another big stess is Whiskey is lame.  On her front this time.  I really do wonder if I'm cursed.  I've also decided I'm going to put Roxy up for sale and have been struggling with how to figure out how much she's worth and if I should wait until she's started training.  I feel like one big mass of nerves right now.

I know I'll go to High Prairie, do my job and be fine.  I know all I can do right now is give Whiskey some time to see if it helps.  And I know I'll eventually figure out what to do with Roxy.  

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The Canadian said...

Go to High Prairie and kick some ass!!!