Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How do you choose?

Because of Tessa's excessive vet bill, I'm at the place where I need to sell one of my little herd of horses. The question being, who should I sell? Whiskey is a registered quarter horse mare from a heritage breeding program who's super athletic, has a great personality, and all sorts of training. She's easily worth the most out of everything I own. She's also lame right now.

Buddy has great breeding, is a registered quarter horse, athletic, nice to handle, and doesn't bat an eyelash when you do different things with him. However he's a bully to everything on the property. I'd probably make the most profit on him.

Stella is a baby and not worth much, but is also registered with pretty good bloodlines and a good disposition.

How do you choose? I don't really want to sell anything. I'd love to see how the two younger horses develop before deciding who fits best with what I want to do. Do I sell Whiskey because she'd have the biggest price tag? Buddy because he's a bully? Stella because she's a baby?

Perhaps if I just economize I can keep them all...

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