Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wait'n on Sam

Sam is my vet. She's the person I call when the crap hits the fan with the dogs, horses or cat. This year I've had the opportunity to get to know her perhaps better than a person would want to. (I'm being sarcastic, she's a great person.)

I started the year off trying to breed Whiskey via artificial insemination. This is a more complicated process than a person would expect. First you ultrasound the mare to see where they are in their cycle, and to check to make sure everything is okay 'inside". Once you know where she is in her cycle you ultrasound (that's right - again) when she's cycling to try and pinpoint when they're ovulating. Then you call the stallion owner and "order" the semen. Next the vet does the actual breeding part by putting the semen into the mare. Ultrasound again after 16 days to see if the mare is bred. Repeat the process if necessary. The first cycle we missed and had to wait. The second cycle the stallion literally wasn't in the mood and wouldn't produce. We made the decision to short cycle her. This means at a specific point in her cycle she gets a hormone shot to cause her to go into heat quicker. Do the ultrasound routine. Order the semen. And, the stallion's vet goes on maternity leave. No semen. Remember all of these steps mean vet visits.

I rush to find a local stallion to do the job. By this point I have a fair amount of money invested in vet bills. Missed the cycle, more ultrasounds. Ultimately the mare did not end up bred no baby, but lot's of bonding time with Sam. And lot's of waiting for Sam to arrive time.

During the end of the breeding saga, Moxie the cat, gets mauled by something. I rush her into the clinic. She ends up getting x-rays, heavy duty antibiotics and a splint. This involves repeat follow ups with Sam until the cat is good to go.

When I went to pick Whiskey up from the local stallion's house I discover she can hardly walk on her hind. She moved like something was broken. Once again I'm waiting on Sam. Whiskey ends up with a foot abscess, requiring 2 weeks of poultices and care.

Tessa's turn. When she didn't seem to be healing I run her into the clinic. X-rays and a referral to a specialist later we're on our way. Tessa has been going to see Sam every two weeks for bandage changes and checks. Our 8 week check will be in Calgary with the specialist. I wonder if Sam's sick of seeing me yet?

Today I was once again waiting on Sam. Last night I discovered the weanling Stella had something nasty coming out of or off of her head. Waiting for Sam to call. Waiting for Sam to come out to swab the wound. Luckily Sam thinks its a wound not Strangles, so now its just waiting for the lab.

I haven't had my fill of the vet yet. Whiskey who's been lame since May needs to get her hock x-rayed and likely injected. This is to promote healing as she's been stagnant for a while now. I've pretty much figured with a little luck I'll get all the unforeseen stuff taken care of in time to start the inoculation rounds for everything. Big sigh.

I've decided if I didn't have bad luck I'd have no luck at all.

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