Thursday, November 20, 2008

Attack of the Skin Ickies

Every fall, without fail, Whiskey develops skin ickies. I Betadine, Virkon, and Lysol everything in sight. I've had the vet out only to be told after extensive labs that they don't know why or what they are. She gets fed crushed flax seed, vitamins. Nothing seems to work.

Stella, the baby and latest addition, has developed ringworm on her face. Never having had a horse with ringworm I had the vet take a look to confirm the infection. Sam (the vet) said she was likely carrying the infection and the stress of the move brought it out. (Stella tolerated an eight hour trailer ride to get here.) So now I have two horses with skin ickies. (Nice technical terminology.)

But I have a plan. And I hope it works. Really hope it works. Tonight while at the vet for Tessa's splint and bandage change, the vet techs mixed me up some "special" stuff for the skin ickies. It's called Imaverol and is supposed to be super powerful. I'm looking forward to trying it.

Saturday is T-day. The sheep and outdoor dogs will get dewormed. The horses will get inspected and treated for skin ickies. Should be a good fun day and with a little luck my skin icky curse will disappear.

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