Friday, November 28, 2008

The Great Sheepo Debate

My one remaining wild sheep lives in the chicken run. Sheepo as she's fondly called ran into a broken tree branch and nearly kicked the bucket. So while her friends went to the auction, she remained behind to recuperate from her injury. She lives alone as I was scared she'd teach my lovely new tamer baby sheep about being wild.

I had not intended to keep Sheepo throughout our sometimes harsh winter because she is a toothless wonder. About the time Sheepo had recovered enough to go to the auction market something strange occurred. Her belly ballooned. I asked my visiting aunt (something of a sheep expert) if she thought Sheepo could be pregnant. The general consensus was Sheepo was indeed knocked up. Being greedy, I realized I could make more money selling Sheepo and her baby(s) separately than just selling her as a cull ewe. So Sheepo stayed.

I purchased Sheepo in the beginning of July. Meaning the latest possible time for Sheepo to lamb would be the end of November. However, Sheepo, complete with enormous belly has not yet lambed. My dad keeps trying to tell me she's just fat. (I've been feeding her beet pulp, soybean meal, and dairy ration.) I keep trying to tell my dad you judge a sheep's body condition on their back, not their belly. Each day I impatiently look at her udder, willing it to fill with milk. Each day Sheepo refuses to cooperate with me.

Some days I wonder if I could possibly be wrong. Only time will tell.

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