Friday, May 4, 2012

You've Got To Be Kidding Me

My day was fabulous.  It was fabulous until Blaine (Reba's owner) sent me a text asking me if I was at work.  I was, as I am the majority of week days.  At the end of the day I asked him what was going on.  He told me Reba had been run over today.  He rushed her to the vet but she died before he could get her there.  This sucks.  He was pretty upset by the whole situation.  She had gone under a trailer (his brother's ex-girlfriend did the deed which makes it worse), and that was the end of the story.

We text chatted quite a bit and I'm consigned with the task of finding him another dog that's perfect for him.  Not the easiest job in the world...  but one I take on willingly.  I won't let him dog shop without me. (As much as a person would like to be sentimental - he needs a dog to help him do the work.  And finding this dog may take some time.)

How do you replace the irreplaceable?


Liz Stout said...

=( This is awful. I'm so sorry. I'm going to go hug Kenai now...

I hope something amazing happens for y'all soon.

The Canadian said...

OMG!! I had no idea! Andrea, I am sooo sorry!!! Poor Reba! RIP, lil lady!