Monday, May 28, 2012

Bad Boyz!

The men (er, animal men) in my life have been giving me grief.  Ryder for some reason (best guess is he's feeling unhappy with me) has started to mark in the garage.  He's peed a number of times on the "dog" couch and peed a few times on the tires of the lawn mower tractor (the previous owners had a male so that doesn't surprise me).  I was less than thrilled to be cleaning up pee in my previously unpeed in garage.

Guinness, well he's just pushed me over my frustration threshold.  How can such a nice boy turn into the devil?  The last few times he's been hard to catch.  It really irks me to see my horse who's been handled from birth give me the bug eyes when I go to pet him and then do the "Peppy L'Peu" canter across the field.  It took me an hour and half to catch him last night.  He is now at my place in "halter" jail.  He is in a smaller pen, with a halter and lead attached.  (Yes, I know the risks...)  This morning I felt bad for him and was going to unclip the lead, however when I went to scratch him he went flying backwards.  This ticked me off so the lead stayed on.  He'd walk up to the fence and act all snorty like he'd never seen a human before.  Little rotter.  My brain knows this is just a phase but the rest of my body was not impressed.

Darn critters, will get ya every time!

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