Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Diablo Diva

The sun was shining, a wind was gusting, so I did what any sane girl would do.  I loaded up the dogs, headed to the farm to pick up my mom and Tessa to go for a run on the treed paths in the grazing reserve. My mom (who has Macular - and has vision issues) didn't notice Diva sitting on the passenger seat.  Mom opened the door, and began hoisting Tessa in.  Meanwhile, Diva sees opportunity and speeds out.  Cursing under my breath I open my door to begin the process of trying to catch the little bugger who will surely be headed out to help herself to the sheep.

It was at that moment that Diva's comeuppance came around the corner.  My parents have been dog sitting Colby my brothers dog.  Colby has abysmal manners and tried to attack my dogs last time we tried to do a group walk.  (I know the irony of me commenting on another dog's manners...)  Colby pounced.  Squashed Diva flat.  Diva begin to scream as though her tail were on fire.  Scooting she head behind the garbage cans where I attempt to remove the deaf and dumb Colby who is still intensely interested in starting something with her.  With both my mom and I working at it, Colby's collar is snagged and he is dragged off and around the corner.

Free from her jailer, Diva makes a show of bravery and runs towards them.  I call her name.  She stops and thinks.  Patting my leg I call again.  Hesitating, she turns, and runs towards me.  You could see she realized the safety of the truck and myself.  Grabbing her and giving her some pets I open the door and she launches herself into the truck.

I fully understand I shouldn't think this was funny.  My dog was attacked by a much larger dog.  But I have to giggle and wonder if she'll think twice now before making an escape attempt.

(No dogs were harmed in the making of this story.)

And yes, both the dogs and myself thoroughly enjoyed our run today.

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