Monday, May 21, 2012

Awesome Weekend

Here in Canada we have a holiday called Victoria Day.  Today.  My wonderful employer tacked on Friday as a day off turning my weekend into a four day weekend.  *sigh of contentment*  I needed it.  I should have worked on school work.  I should have spent a day at work catching up on stuff.  But I didn't!

Friday brought a new haircut, a trip to town with my brother, a trip home with a new push lawnmower, dinner with my family, and a walk in the grazing reserve with the dogs.  Saturday brought a run, a Kijiji buying expedition - a "new to me" riding lawnmower, a trip to town to buy a little mesh wagon that was on sale, BBQ with the family, a stock dog work, and an evening curled up with a trashy novel (something I haven't done in ages).  Sunday brought a run, a stock dog work (naughty Diva - sigh), a flat tire on my new mower, putting together the wagon, beginning the process of moving a gate, a long drawn out try to catch Guinness (apparently he's at that testing age), and more time well spent with family.  Monday brought hours of grass cutting, dinner at the country service (it's actually very good), a run in the park with the dogs, gopher control in the field, weed control in the yard, cleaning up the garden to prep it for planting, and lot's of laundry.  Let's not forget, baking of cookies - as a thank you for my brother who will move my gate tomorrow while I'm at work and before he flies north to the oil sands where he'll actually work.  (TeeHee - he worked all weekend for me.)

I spent the weekend outside doing things I enjoy with my dogs either ripping around with me or riding shot gun in the truck.  It was an awesome weekend.  So awesome, I had to do some dancing while mixing up my cookies.  (I like to call it dancing, some may call it a seizure...)

I sincerely hope everyone's weekend was as fabulous as mine!

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The Canadian said...

A cookie dancing seizure?? This I want to see!!! LOL!! Life is good, sistah!! Life is good!!