Monday, May 14, 2012

#@^$# Dogs!

Bloody dogs.  It seems they never let up.  Just when I think we're headed towards progress they show me how wrong I am.  On Sunday, I went for a run.  It was busy.  I was later than I normally am.  This meant a variety of people.  And of course, people with dogs.  I've got to admit I am sincerely tired of dealing with dog behavior all the time.  It exhausts me.  I'm getting sick which doesn't help.

The dogs are back to being reactive naughty brats.  This means I need to do solo and public training with them.  The plan is each dog gets individual time away from the other in public.  This means I can really focus and deal with their behavior.  Hard for me to do with both at one time.  And Ryder, who's been very good - has decided to get into the naughty action.

Sorry about the stubble - but it bloody hurts and I was only getting so close with a razor.
Sunday at the park, we met a dog.  A snarky dog t'boot.  Diva locked eyes.  I immediately put her into lie down, sat Ryder down and began waiting for the dog to pass.  Diva pulled out of my hold, wrapped the leash around my leg and charged at the dog.  Ryder meanwhile pulled me off balance.  The end result is one mother of a rope burn across my shin and thorns in my palm that need to fester in order for me to get them out.  I was LESS than thrilled.  No more nonsense!  Grrrrrrr.

Liz, my first aid person - any advice?


Liz Stout said...

Salve to calm the burn during the day (leave it off at night so it can have air and heal).

Get the thorns out ASAP. It's going to blow getting them out no matter what, but if you do it before they cause swelling its usually not as painful. (I had a nasty splinter under my nail (!) and had to do this the other day.)

Best of luck. And tell the dogs they are miserable shrews. That should be pretty offensive to them!

Heal quick. =)

((as I was about to send this Kenai ripped the nastiest fart ever, SIGH))

The Canadian said...

....and the adventures continue..never a dull moment, eh?