Sunday, September 11, 2011


This weekend feels as though I'm trying to cram every last bit of fun into it while I can.  None of it was really planned though.  Saturday, I was up with the birds, taking the dogs out, feeding the horses and sheep.  I had planned to have a little sleep in.  So after chores were done, I crawled back into bed.  When the phone rang.  Really?  8 am on a Saturday??  This man begins with "Oh good, you're up!"  It was my farrier calling to tell me he was coming early.  A lot early.  When I asked how far out he was I received a cheerful 2 minutes.  Gack!

Hastily rolling out of bed and tossing on some clothes I hit the door just as he pulls in.  I always enjoy visiting with Derek.  He has great gossip and is funny.  Plus he's fabulous with the horses.  We decided to trim the horses in the pen.  It makes things easier when one of the horses is a mare with foal.  While he was trimming Bacardi, Guinness (who was very nosy) began snooting Bacardi in the flank.  (This is NOT the mama!)  Expecting a mess I nervously suggest he put the foot down and move away.  But Bacardi was amazing.  She didn't try to kick.  In fact she did nothing.  She let little Guinness pester her all while she had her feet done.

After the horses were trimmed Derek helped me *read Derek did all the work* put a halter on Guinness.  He is now haltered!!  Let the halter breaking begin!  I plan to also do some loading work.  Get him and Whiskey in the trailer.  When Derek left I thought I'd roll the dice and see if Jason was in town.  Normally, this time of year on weekends he's off showing.  But he sent me back an immediate text asking if I wanted to come out.  So I loaded up Bacardi and went and turned back.  And Bacardi who has had a few weeks off was amazing.  She listened and worked really well.

Once home, a quick shower and into town I went.  It was haircut day.  That was followed by dinner at my favourite Italian place with my mom.  When I returned home it was dog time.  They needed to play and get supper.  My day closed with some textbook time.  Unfortunately, when the dogs don't get enough attention they tend to bug me when I'm trying to work.  It's challenging to read and write notes when a dog is climbing on your lap!

My day didn't go as planned but it was still a great way to spend a Saturday.

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Corinna said...

I appreciated your comment on Chelsea's blog (Adventures of a horse crazed mind) so I thought I would stop by to check out your blog!

Guinness is my husband's favorite beer, his nectar of the gods- I think if I ever gifted him a horse I would name the horse Guinness = instant love :) Congrats on the haltering!