Monday, September 12, 2011

Patience Is A Virtue

Patience may be a virtue, but I'm quickly discovering when it comes to getting what I want, one  I'm lacking in.  I desperately want my cutting horse.  And I'll keep tucking money away in my fund.  But it's killing me, absolutely killing me to not go out and buy something.  Yesterday!

The funny bit is I'm not even able to ride right now.  I just don't have the time with too many other commitments.  But darn, if I don't want that stinking horse to call my own.  (Not that I don't already have 3!)  I was thinking back to Chelsi's post on Princess.  And here is a classic example where I will buy something even if I don't love it, if it meets my criteria.  It needs to be trained, sound and sane.  It needs to be something I can ride and learn off of comfortably.  To put an exclamation point on it, I would even write a check and send the trainer off to purchase something.  Gasp!  (So out of character for me!)

But would I love this horse?  Want to keep this horse?  Bond with this horse?  I don't know because at this moment in time, this hypothetical horse is simply a step.  A step in the right direction of allowing me to learn at a quicker rate than if I tried to accomplish this goal on a horse without the inherent talent or abilities.

That being said, I do fantasize about having a young horse of mine come up the ranks and compete successfully with me.  We shall see which one will be reality first.


Chelsi said...

It is hard to be horse crazy!... to find a happy medium between following your heart and following some form of reason and logic... but...

I really do think that INVESTING (not just buying) in a horse that is finished and ready to go to work for you, (and at your convenience!) is really something to be considered. I know what it is to wait on a horse to be ready for you and as much as I really loved parts of that process I realize now that I wasted years and thousands of dollars where I could have been the one learning and progressing rather than my horse.

As much as I have written about how much I am enjoying Princess I have to admit that I actually am still trying to decide if I would be better served to buy a horse that is finished and able to do even more for me than Princess can. Writing that "better served" makes me uncomfortable because I dont have horses to "serve" me... but... really, I would like a horse to work for me and to provide me with the vehicle to pursue the things I've always wanted, is that such a bad thing? I guess I had better just write this in to a post... Im getting a little long here. I say write a list of what you NEED in a cutting horse (experience, soundness, show record, good to haul , breeding etc.) and what you DONT want (some of those cutters can be quirky so write down what you are certain you dont want personality wise so that you are not tempted by the horse that fits the bill but will drive you nuts at home (like a weaver, cribber, bad in the herd etc.) then find a horse that will take you where you want to go. Sometimes the "click" is icing on the cake, but it doesnt mean that the cake cant be good, sweet and satisfying without the icing... lol.. if that makes sense at all:)

Country Girl said...

Chelsi, I see it as buying an experienced partner to "teach" me. Having done this for the roping arena, I know that my abilities will progress much faster! Having spent thousands on training for a horse the "didn't make the cut" I also know the risk factor with doing it on your own. I also am 2 years in the waiting game because of it. lol

I think that a person can buy "Mr. Right Now" while waiting for "Mr. Right". lol And maybe the right now will become right!

Funny how we're both in the same horse space right now. (I was eye-balling the yearling from your mare - for sale 2 hours from me!) lol