Monday, September 5, 2011

Darling Horses

I had recently read The Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind's post about her horse.  How the horse was not her ideal horse but one that she was really enjoying.  I've thought hours about that.  I will admit to having had some amazing horses.  One's that were truly irreplaceable both in my heart and their discipline.  Some stick out so clearly in my mind.  Yeller or Two T Rebel Gold - the horse I rode and trained, should have bought but didn't.  I've regretted that for years.  Here's a horse many didn't get along with but was a perfect "click" for me.  Smokey - my old Arabian show horse who died an untimely death.  Roo, my first rope horse, who I lost to an untimely death in a flurry of tears.  Charger - the horse that was my "make do" horse.  He allowed me to build some confidence after a hospital inducing wreck.  He also showed me that I had the know how to finish a nice rope horse.  

Whiskey, the mare I adore, but at times wasn't sure was the best fit for me.  I've been watching her in the pasture and am contemplating having the vet out to take a look at her lame leg.  I've been pondering making an attempt at bringing her back to soundness once Guinness gets weaned.  

Bacardi, my "trade in", who frustrates the tar outta me, but has allowed me to play and enjoy a taste of the cutting world.  I'm actively trying to sell her, simply because she's not where I want to end up.  That being said - if she stays here.  She stays here.  I just may try my hand at roping off her this winter.  This is a horse that has grown a tremendous amount in a short time period.  I was told she's hard to catch - not hardly!  I credit Whiskey's outstanding influence in teaching her what a "balanced" horse acts like.

Guinness, my first foal.  The little guy has stolen my heart.  I can't wait to see what he turns into.  I can touch him all over, lean on him, and move him around.  But he's still not halter broke.  Sigh.  

Whiskey, a fatty pants right now.  Guinness, and Bacardi.

Guinness at just under 3 months old.  Shedding out his baby coat.

The three musketeers!  What's surprised me is how good Bacardi is with Guinness.  They're friends - I've even caught her running around with him.  (Playing, not chasing.)  Being tormented by the sticky flies in this picture.


MTWaggin said...

Guiness is getting so big! Isn't it amazing that each of the critters that come in to our lives has different lessons to teach us - if we are willing to learn.

The Canadian said...

It was soo great to see this bunch live, in the flesh, yesterday!! Guiness is gonna be a great kids horse one day...he proved that by tolerating my son's hands in his eyes and nose and ears!!! LOL

Chelsi said...

I'm glad my post gave you a little food for thought, that is always my goal when writing (both for "readers" and for myself!)I actually just logged in to finish that post. I hope you come back and give 'er a read. Might make you think about your own herd a little more:)

Your little one is just too cute for words. Time goes by so quickly, you'll be riding him before you know it.