Monday, September 19, 2011

September Animals

Ryder, carefully guarding the Flying Squirrel from outside attack.

Diva, waiting for the opportunity to strike.

Ryder, in for the kill, while Tessa defends her right to hold onto the toy.

Guinness, alarmingly handsome.

He's three months old!

Oscar, trouble on the paw!


Chelsi said...

that colt is gorgeous!!!!! Wow!! I cant believe he is that built at three months! He'll have one hell of a nice arse on him:D


MTWaggin said...

Orange flying squirrel is Sterling's favorite too! Your baby colt (not so baby anymore) is absolutely lovely and Oscar - well, give em the paw buddy! :)

Country Girl said...

Thank you! I of course, can see the "holes" in his conformation... but I still love the little (big!) boy.

Chelsi - check your email...

The Canadian said...

Such happy, beautiful 4 legged furries!!! Guiness is a handsome, big guy! Can't wait to see him again in person!!