Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dogs Have Not Been Forgotten

With my preoccupation between school and my horse obsession, the dogs have not been forgotten.  We had two very productive and satisfying dog days!  On Saturday, Diva and Ryder came with me to the dog park...  the first time in a very, very long time... and they were awesome!!!  Neither got bark happy.  Ryder postured a bit when we first started out but I wasn't convinced the other dog we met didn't have something to do with this.  Both dogs demonstrated an excellent recall - even when they were playing with other dogs.  When we were leaving the park, Diva and Ryder were on leash preparing to exit and were greeted (excessively so) by two dogs.  Both dogs ignored the new comers and continued nicely while on leash!  This is major!!  Diva tucked her tail but didn't get snappy.  Of course, I discouraged the other dogs with my leg moving them off of mine.

On sheep, Diva has been working hard at developing a lie down and recall.  She tends to want to work on her terms, but a session with Ken last weekend has put us on the right track and we are making great progress.  Ryder is very biddable and eager to please on the stock.  We're working on stretching out an outrun.  Today, Tracy and Jeter came for a stock work.  Afterwards Jeter and Ryder had some male bonding and play time.

The dogs have mostly been pretty patient with me.  Lying at my feet while I work and read.  On Friday I'm taking a 1/2 day to head down to Airdrie to take a lesson with Calvin Jones (from Wales).  I'm looking forward to this.

I have to admit I had been pondering selling Diva.  The whole time and difficult to deal with factor.  But, I'm really enjoying her right now.  She's been more personable, albeit still challenging.  I've learned so much from working with her.  Maybe that's why she's in my hands.

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The Canadian said...

Your dogs are lucky to have you! It's soo cool how much we can learn from our animals!!!