Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Decisions Made

Jason and I met up this afternoon.  I dutifully held out my advertising papers and told him what my heart felt.  (I totally didn't phrase it like that!)  He educated me about bloodlines, prices, gender and expectations.  He took me out into the field to show a 2 year old her believed was a future superstar.  And I listened.  And I learned.  He leaves me stunned with his generosity and willingness to share his knowledge.

45 minutes and some time on the Internet we had a price range and plan in place.  In December, Jason is driving to Fort Worth, Texas with an empty trailer.  In December I'll be flying down on a weekend.  From there we'll choose 10 prospect two year olds that fall into my price range.  I'll fly home.  Jason will buy me a horse.  The deal being that anything he buys will be Mr. Right.  There will be no settling.  He said if Mr. Right does not walk into the ring then we go home empty handed.

The current criteria is: (I'm paraphrasing here...)

Pedigree - dam needs to have earnings - this is the best indication of how much potential talent the horse will have.

Conformation - the horse must have the build that enables it to perform in the cutting world.

Temperament - it must have the attitude to be successful and be kind and quiet enough to pack me around.

Gender - Mare

You might be wondering why Texas??  Well, it's simple.  There are 1000s of cutting horses in the area.  There are something like 6 major sales over a couple of weeks.  This will enable me to get a better bred horse, with more potential, for less money.  More bang for my buck if you will.  If Jason wasn't planning to be there anyhow - probably not so cost effective.  But the fact that my trainer will be there scouting horses - priceless.

Chelsi - still love Hola - and if you email me a flyer I'll pop one up around here.  (We have some major fancy reiners in this area.)


The Canadian said...

I am not wondering, "why Texas" I am wondering, "why mare????"

Chelsi said...

Awesome plan! Like, reeeeallly awesome plan. Quality cutters are a dime a dozen in TX and you'll get three times the horse for your money. And it is great that you have someone you trust to help you along the way. Lucky girl:D

And as for Hola, no worries. She'll find her place.

Jennifer said...

Yup! :) Congratulations Andrea!

Country Girl said...

Mare have more resale value. Geldings if they get hurt have no value and stallions are harder to keep focused as young horses.