Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Queen of the Barnyard

Moxie is the undisputed Queen of the Barnyard.  She has taken to riding Whiskey - to the water trough, around the corral - all with a look of undisputed glee on her furry face.  You would think Whiskey would have some objections to the fur ball on her back when she is sans blanket but it doesn't seem to faze her.  

My favorite part is when the cat looks down at the dog with a clearly superior and mocking expression.  The cat seems to be saying "Don't mess with me, I've got horsepower!".  The dog meanwhile does the head tilt.  You can just see Joey wondering why the world seems so topsy turvy.  

One night I tried to pull the cat off the horse to switch blankets only to have the cat grab on.  Tonight while treating Whiskey, the cat scaled the panel beside us and leaped onto the back.  I received a classic cat dirty look when I tried to remove her.  As I rubbed the lotion into Whiskey's skin the cat sat and watched with intense tail twitching interest.  I half wondered what the horse would do if the cat pounced onto my hand.  A wreck in the making?

The cat and the horse seem to be fast friends.  The horse even watches her step when the cat is running between her legs.  Tonight trying to lead Whiskey from point A to point B was an exercise in patience as she wouldn't move until she saw the cat.  Yes, she actually moved her head, looked in the direction of the cat before taking a step.  Is the horse aware enough to "watch before she steps"?  Something to ponder on a winter's evening.

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