Saturday, February 13, 2010

One Door Opens When Another Closes

It appears a new adventure is in store for me.  One I'm not entirely sure will end up in success or of frustration induced tears.  Both of my sister-in-laws are pregnant, with one due within the week.  Once the news came out about the babies I felt deeply moved to do something special for them.  Something more than purchasing cute clothes.  Something with meaning.  

As a child my grandmother gifted us children with handmade patchwork quilts.  I wanted to do something original like that.  One of the parents at my school makes knit toques (wool hats) in cute designs like pumpkin patch or strawberry patch.  They are priced reasonably ($20) so these little hats will be one of my gifts.  I love original one of kind type things.  But I've continued to be tormented by what else I could do.  I treasure my quilt from my grandmother and I wanted something these children could have as adults and treasure.  A keepsake.

Making a phone call to some of my friends I found a lady that owns a quilting supply shop.  My friend thinks she'd be happy to make my quilts.  When I told my mom my plan her face turned into wrinkled worry.  She cautioned me to check prices first.  I assured her I would.  Then she planted the seed.  She looked at me and said with studied casualness, "You know I could teach you how to make them."  My mom in her day has been a very talented seamstress.  As a child she made many of my clothes.  My mom, however is going blind and this makes things like sewing or fine needle work a bit of a challenge these days.

With massive vet bills my finances are tighter than healthy these days.  Making my mom's suggestion very intriguing.  Is this something I could do?  My fine motor is on the questionable side courtesy the chemo side effects.  But I live in a dreary long winter region and this would make a fabulous evening project.  

I've been at a bit of a crossroads lately.  A mini midlife crisis if you will.  And doing something special, something with meaning has major appeal to me right now.  I'm a bit worried I won't have the attention span to see my project through but I'm going to try!  With the help of my mom and some quilting friends I'm stepping way, way out of my box and trying something new.  I'm going to make my little babies each a handmade quilt!  


BCxFour said...

You can do it! Quilting is fun, relaxing and easier than you think. Start with something small...errr I mean larger. Larger squares, maybe a nine patch?

The Canadian said...

Yay, a project! I love it! Ofcorse you'll be able to do it! What an awesome, thoughtful gift!!!