Sunday, January 24, 2010

Snowy Sunday

With delightful soft white flakes gently falling, I had to make some plans for my poor bald Whiskey.  Worried about the cold and frost bite I put her in the stall *erhm, shed* yesterday.  While not heated it would protect her from the wind and wet snow.  Sam had said I could begin blanketing her as long as I alternated blankets everyday.  Lovely plan, one problem.  My winter blankets that fit Whiskey were sent into a local shop to be cleaned and repaired.  They are finished, however every time I drive into town the shop is closed.  

Doing some creative problem solving I figured out if I put my fitted wool cooler on first - it's a bit small leaving her bum hanging out - layering a cotton sheet next, putting the winter hood on and attaching it to the sheet, finishing with her summer rain sheet for all weather protection on top, she would have some warmth and snow protection.  Meaning I could release her from jail during the day and bring her back in at night.  So this morning I began my trial run.  

And rather quickly realized my extra large hood was too small!  I could not attach any of the head attachments.  Thank goodness my mom is a superstar seamstress.  Explaining my problem she has lengthened the straps so I can make it fit.  I'll already have to purchase another hood (this one will be headless) and really didn't want to buy two as it's not an item I use often.  

While Whiskey hangs out in her rustic house she's found a new friend.  When I went out this afternoon I was startled to find Moxie (the cat) sitting on her back, both of them happy as could be!  I ran back into the house to grab my camera.  When I snapped the shot Whiskey moved forward, the cat walked up her neck and leaped off the poll of her head to land on the wood support of her "stall".  I knew Whiskey was quiet but I really didn't think she was this quiet!

I've attached some pictures.  The first one is a look at one of her nasty bald patches.  The next two are of Whiskey and Moxie.  I tried to get a picture of the cat walking up the neck but my camera was too slow!


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The Canadian said...

OMG, so gross and sooo cute all in the same post!