Monday, February 15, 2010

Just Call Me Crazy!!

Just call me crazy, because surely I must be.  Today I did the unthinkable.  The preposterous.  Today I bough a new horse.  *cough crazy cough*  No it's not your eyes - you indeed did read that correctly.  

There I was at Jason Hanson's minding my own business, watching him ride Roxy and visiting with his wife Chrissy.  When he dropped the bomb.  He mentioned he was unloading a bunch of horses he doesn't touch at an auction this coming weekend.  We had been talking about Whiskey and how my dream of breeding her was coming to a screeching halt.  And he just had to mention a brood mare.  A fairly well bred brood mare he took in on partial trade for a show horse.  

And then there I was out there looking at this mare.  And I kinda liked the look of her - a lot.  Off we went to lunch where I turned it over in my head.  Do I need another horse?  Not so much.  Can I afford to buy a horse at this point of vet bill hell?  Not really.  And then Jason pushed me over the edge.  He said I could just take her home and pay for her later.  Say what?!!  Ye gads!!  

So I am the proud new owner of a green broke brood mare by the stallion My Own League (cutting earnings here in Canada), who has some other big names on her papers including Peppy San Badger.  Jason hopped on her today.  We figured she had about 4 years off.  He had been told she had 8 months of training.  (Not true - we figure about 2 or 3.) After a minor bucking fit she settled right in.  She doesn't know much but she's willing and quiet.  Plus the baby she threw this year is fabulous - well put together and good minded.  *Her registered name is Peppys Royal Boon.*

I've left her at Jason's for him to put two weeks of miles on her and then she comes home.  I'm kind of excited.  This is going to be my horse to play with and to make my mistakes in the cutting pen on.  I know I'll end up selling at least one of the horses I have but I'll wait to make any major decision until the summer.  


The Canadian said...

Congrats!!! I love that you are not afraid to embrace opportunity when it presents itself! :)

Jennifer said...

never mind! I'll keep reading! :D