Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reba and the Crate

Okay, so I've been gushing about what an outstanding puppy I own to everyone within hearing distance.  I still have an outstanding puppy albeit a puzzling one.  Tessa who despises being kenneled/crated has been my only experience with the crate.  This morning Reba wouldn't leave her crate.  Not for liver treats, water and fun new toys.  She sat in her kennel, and looked at me like I was nuts.  When I reached in and snapped her leash on she dug in her heels and braced on the sides of the kennel to keep from leaving it.

Puzzled, thinking surely she's got to go to the washroom by now, I left the crate open and started getting ready for my day.  And no movement from the dog.  She happily lay back down and watched.  With the clock ticking, I ended up dragging the kennel towards the back door where she finally deigned to leave the safety of her cave.

Tonight the kennel will be by the back door.  Easy access if you will.

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