Thursday, February 26, 2009

How Cold Is It?

Yes, for those people with children the title is a variation of a great kids book called "How Cold Was It?". But seriously, how cold is it today? Well, let me tell you, last night it was a face tingling, numb finger kinda cold. Put the dog in a barn, give everything extra feed kinda cold.

This morning it was frosted glasses, can't feel my face, ice climbing my legs kinda cold. How did I know it wasn't just a bit cold? Bella - the outside, let me lay in the snow dog - was doing the three legged dance. The horses were covered tip to tail with frost, and the cat was nowhere to be found. Tessa beat a hasty retreat to the house and none of the dogs wanted to play.

I like many features of winter. The white fresh snow. Winter sports. But I am seriously tired of the bloody cold. It seems as though this winter has been excessively cold, with longer cold snaps. I hate that it went from -5C to -38C in the space of 24 hours. I hate how hard it is to do anything outside and I really hate having to drive in a cold car to work. Even the heated seats don't make up for the car temperature gauge never making it past 1/4 mark. I especially hate that it means indoor recesses for the kids at school (making them wild with energy).

I am fully and completely ready for winter to be finished. I am ready for the baby animals and fresh greens of spring. I am eager for rain and mud and a warm sun. Let winter be done. Please.

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