Monday, July 16, 2012

Time To Snip

Last year I had planned to neuter Ryder.  Then on the advice of a high end stock dog trainer and breeder I put my "snip" plans on hold.  He suggested I wait until Ryder was 3.  Simply because Ryder is so freaking awesome on sheep.  I know that once I get my crap together and get trialing him he will do wonderful things.  He has so many wonderful qualities on stock.  He is also a lovely dog to live with.  For the most part he's pretty relaxed and easy going.  He's becoming well adjusted and beginning to greet strangers - even men - appropriately.  His big issue right now is his interactions with other dogs.  Even Diva.  This is a new-ish problem one that seems to be getting worse with time and work, not better.  He is very rough when he plays and he's become something of a bully.  It is so strange because he's so gentle and kind with Tessa.

Last night he would not give up his negative attitude towards Charlie.  I have to wonder if as he becomes more entrenched in his understanding that he's a boy that this will get worse.  It leaves me thinking that it may be in his - and my - best interests to neuter him now.  And then work on the behavior without the issues of the hormones.  Thoughts?

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Liz Stout said...

That's a toughie. I never intended Kenai to be a super-work dog so he was cut as soon as I could feel them (@ 4 months)... He never got to know, but he has still developed very male tendencies despite it all.