Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Different Philosophy

Blaine settled on a dog.  An unregistered "farm" Border Collie named Charlie.  He is 10 months old and has been a pet.  The most interesting thing I found was when I went to pick him up.  I have the sketchiest feeling about these people.  It certainly isn't how I do things (not that I'm perfect).  

When I pulled up a deluge had just started.  I decided to sit and wait it out.  The heavy rain wouldn't last that long.  To my surprise the son runs out with the dog on his leash.  He loads him up in the truck, grabs the money and goes.  I had to ask for some dog food so I could mix it with mine.  I had this sinking feeling.  This feeling that this dog hadn't been loved on and trained on, the way I'd love on and train on my dogs.  

I've put him in the X-Pen in the living room for now.  I don't trust him, and my two are singularly unimpressed with this whiny interloper.  I figure they'll need some supervised and care during the transition process.  The big thing I noticed that didn't make me happy is it's clear this dog has become used to entertaining himself.  In the run he ran and barked and ran and barked.  For that reason he won't get any dog run time until I get more training and excercise into him.  Until he's less stressed and has a better understanding of the expectations placed on him, he'll be in lock down.  

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