Monday, July 9, 2012

Fair Practice??

In my search for a dog for Blaine I've contacted many of the people I know who have dogs.  Looking for the right fit.  One of my dog/horse acquaintances has a young dog with minimal training.  When I told Blaine to contact her she told him she'd only deal with me.  Then I check my email and discover she wants me to put time into this dog and we'd split the profit.  This seems so dirty to me.  It makes my moral compass stand up and scream.  Basically I found a potential buyer (Blaine), yet I'd bump the dog's training and therefore the value up, prior to him purchasing the animal.  In my mind this is wrong.    I'm more than happy to find Blaine a dog with minimal training, and finish it for him - simply because Blaine and I have the understanding prior to that this is how it would work.  And quite simply, because Blaine is a friend I wouldn't expect financial gain from this understanding.

So am I right to think this is questionable practices?  Or should I get off my soapbox?


Liz Stout said...

Nope, my bitch-ometer is going crazy too. That's sheisty of that person to do that! I'm totally with you on this!

Anonymous said...

This is soooo common in the horse world with english horses, especially in the big time show world... horses selling on commission, both trainers bumping prices, not telling the owner what they really got for the horse, and splitting the "excess". Definitely not moral or ethical, IMO. I would say you're right to stand on your soapbox. I'd be up there too.