Saturday, March 17, 2012

Learning Curve

I've been flying solo on my little acreage for closing in on 4 months now.  It's funny.  I have a friend who tells me how fiercely independent I am.  I am independent out of necessity rather than desire.  Truth be told I'm quite traditional.  However, that being said...

I have gone and bought myself a collection of tools.  They were on sale.  The collection is pretty much everything a person could need from screwdrivers, wrenches, and a ratchet set.  I also have a level and hammer and various other sundry items from my previous life.

The learning curve to knowing all one must know for a little farm has been somewhat steep.  I've had to figure out how to turn water on.  I've learned about cisterns.  I've stood on a ladder trying to figure out how to make my garage door opener work.  I've successfully figured out, operated, and then broke my snow blower.  I now have the pleasure to figure out why it's plugged, and according to the manual (hey I'm a reader!!) I also get to figure out how to unplug a spark plug.  (!!!) A freak'n spark plug! 

Today I poked around my furnace to figure out it does indeed take a filter.  I've also been messing with my automatic waterer.  (A little closer to my comfort zone.)  The well water is filled with iron.  This keep clogging my waterer.  It grows algae and overflows.  Nasty.  So using industrial bleach I "shocked" it.  This spring I'll have to bite the bullet and shock the well.  I'm guessing it hasn't been done anytime recently.  Tomorrow my dad (I AM that girl!) will come out and take a look.

I'm sure there will come more wtf moments as I try to figure things out.  Just as I'm equally sure there are things I'll "man up" and do.  Even when they make me cry.


Liz Stout said...

When the world ends, I'm coming to live with you. Tell your black and white dogs that another black and white dog will be staying. He's fluffier. And tell your little hosses they will have another buddy.

MTWaggin said...

All things you just take in stride when owning your own place. But it is kind of rewarding isn't it?

Lori said...

Been there, done it. I know you can handle it all too. Just wait until you rent a bobcat the first time.... :-)