Sunday, March 25, 2012

It Creeps Up On The Best Of Us

Tessa has been with me for a stay-cation.  My parents went to see their newest grandchild so I was in charge of the farm.  This visit has gone much more smoothly than the last few.  The biggest thing is Diva becomes naughty dog around Tessa.  She stops coming to her name and gets to be sassy.  Tessa on her part only started one fight.  It kinda made me think of the old person snapping at the young.  It was past bedtime and I was sitting on the couch reading.  We had had a pretty good snow storm and the dogs didn't get as much exercise as normal.  Diva was restless and walking laps around my couch.  Tessa was trying to sleep.  On one of Diva's walking laps, Tessa shot out her nose and snapped.  I was able to redirect both dogs without further incident.  It was as if Tessa was telling Diva to stop already.  Kinda funny.

Tessa is tired and sore.  I think our faster paced lifestyle here is catching up with her.  She goes with me when I go to chore the farm.  Here I play fetch at least once per day and either walk or run with the dogs. Tessa has been having good mental capacity so I just put a short drag line on her and let her run in the subdivision ditches.  When the rest of us run, we take frequent walk breaks so she can catch up to us.  Yesterday she slept the entire time we were in the house.  She needed help with the stairs.  You could see her shoulder and hips/pelvis were bothering her.  I'm going to take her to the chiropractor this coming week.  I've noticed she has arthritis bumps on her feet.  They are all gnarly, much like the worn hands of an old farmer.  With the snow storm and now sunshine I expect she's feeling her aches and pains.  Just as an old woman can predict the weather.

My girl is getting old.  It's crept up on us.  You wouldn't know it.  On one of our walks a young girl was in her yard, near the ditch with her father.  Joyfully she asked to pet Tessa.  Tessa of course didn't wait, she saw this child and tail in the air, a bounce in her step, went up to greet her.  (After I released her.)  The joy my old girl greeted this child with made it clear she still has "young" dog in her.  My students have been asking about her.  They miss her and want a visit.  I think this should be arranged.  (It's always the neediest kids who pester me about her too.)  I think Tessa misses taking care of her kids.

I know Tessa's time is creeping up on us, but as long as she's happy, somewhat healthy I will enjoy these moments.

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