Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunny Winter Day

The snow from the storm is very fluffy.  It's the kind of snow that you see in movies and on postcards.  

View from my back deck.

The snowblower I bought in November and only now had to use.  Unheard of up here.  Be proud, very proud.  I used wrenches and mastered it.

Diva in the fluffy snow.  Neat contrast with the black and white.

Ryder the wimpo dog.  I think his feet were cold (it wasn't too bad today) but he still wanted to play.

Searching for the ball.

In pursuit of the ball.  (Which he eventually lost in the snow.)

The watcher.


MTWaggin said...

WOW you got dumped on! Ryder says "YOU go find the ball in your bare feet - then you can make fun" LOL Love the snowblower - so proud....

Liz Stout said...

Yay snow! Pups look happy in it despite cold feet. At least the sun appears to be shining!

Country Girl said...

I think it was more a case of "what is this stuff??" The temp was fairly mild, they just haven't had the opportunity to grow their "toe" hair this year. lol