Sunday, February 5, 2012

Guinness - The Mule?

Saturday was horse day for me.  I hauled Bacardi to Jason's where she had an awesome work on the flag.  He noted that she's improved a tremendous amount since I've bought her.  Not enough to make a nonpro cutter - sooooo, if anyone's looking for a nice cattle penner, ranch or perhaps even working cow horse - the price is right!!  Would even do a trade for a decently cutting bred baby....  *smile*

Where was I?  

Oh yeah, I rode at Jason's and had oodles of fun.  He popped me on his turn back horse (NCHA earner) and let me work the flag on him.  LOT'S of FUN!  Have I mentioned I had fun?  

I drove out the the farm next.  I wanted to work on loading Guinness.  With Bacardi as the "babysitter" and my dad's help.  Guinness was loaded and unloaded.  He was pretty good.  The trailer is very high (over his knees) and he had to work at getting in and was a bit worried about getting out.  But he did it.  Nicely and quietly too!  I also worked on tying up, leading and turning around on the hind.  I wanted him to cross his front feet over, which he did, and pivot on his hind.  Working on this for the halter classes this summer.  

I really wanted some nice pictures of him.  Except, I've discovered he's rather obstinate about standing nicely.  The moment the camera came out he gave his best knock kneed mule impersonation.  I must say I find that rather frustrating!  He's actually very nicely put together in real life.  

Tie Up Lesson

Mule attempt #1

A bit better - now stand still you little fart!

I give up.  Here we are.  To give perspective in how tall he is - I'm 5'8".  (In my very attractive farm gear!)

Hard to believe the little fellow is already closing in on 8 months old!


Liz Stout said...

I got real excited when I read "mule" in the title lol

MTWaggin said...

Can see your smile from your writing. What a great baby you have there - loading and unloading quietly and nicely. For THAT who cares if he mugs for a camera! LOL