Saturday, February 25, 2012


It's been so mild for so long that I had begun to think that winter no longer resided here.  Well, for the last 48ish hours we've been under a severe storm warning.  It's been downgraded to a snowfall warning.  We're supposed to get 10-15 cm  (1 inch is about 2.5 cm.) of snow.  Right now it's been snowing steady since some point in the night.  Based on the amount of snow I removed from my driveway and decks I'd guess we've passed that mark.  At least it's light and fluffy snow...

The large dump of snow meant figuring out my snowblower.  Before, when I was on the farm I used a tractor for snow removal.  Now that I'm on an acreage I bought a snowblower.  There I was this afternoon studiously reading the operation manual.  Carefully, I pushed it out of my garage, filled it with gas, and started it up.  With caution I began working the levers occasionally ending with a face full of snow.  After I got the groove of operating it I began to have some fun.  The dogs were slightly frightened but willing to come to me for pets when called.

Putting the blower away I shoveled off my two decks.  In total it took me just under two hours to clear my driveway and decks.  It's still snowing and the snow is expected to fall until late tomorrow so I'm sure I'll have another opportunity to shovel or clear the driveway.  I must admit to having some heavy feeling arms and shoulders right now.  Even my abs are tight.  Moving snow is a righteous workout!  Pictures to come tomorrow!

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