Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Terrified Tears

Dogs in hand we headed out down the road for our run.  The four Borders and I had traveled just past the neighbors property when I realized Bella was following us.  Turning around I chased her home and continued running in the other direction.  Tessa had stopped at the base of my driveway.  This is not uncommon.  She's hit the point in her life when she doesn't always want to run.  Often she'll sit there and wait or will go back to the house and wait for me there.

I kept watching to see if she'd changed her mind up to the 1/4 mile mark, at which point I figured she decided not to run.  The rest of us went on our merry way.  Right now we're doing a 30 minute run so I knew she wouldn't have to wait for a long time.  Returning home I swung up the driveway, did bathroom duty with the babies, put everything away and returned to the house.  I noticed Tessa wasn't in the yard.  No big deal, she can open the back door and does so as she pleases.  Going into the house - no Tessa.  Going back into the yard, calling and whistling - no Tessa.  Starting to worry, I walked back down to the road, calling and whistling for her.  No sign of a black and white fur ball.

Returning to the yard I walked around to some of her favorite places, calling her.  Bella was laying in the corral where she belongs.  But no Tessa.  By this point I was starting to really freak out.  Hopping in my truck I idled down the road.  One mile north - no Tessa.  Stopping in at neighbors to alert them to watch for her I went south, past my drive 1.5 miles - no Tessa.  Back to searching the yard - no Tessa.  Getting really scared I got on the phone calling neighbors to keep an eye out for her.  I even called the vet because she's microchipped.  No Tessa.

An hour and half after she went missing a neighbor pulled into the drive.  He had spotted her coming down the hill but couldn't get her to come to him.  Hopping back in the truck I flew towards her.  As soon as she heard the diesel she crossed to my side of the road, tail raised in the air.  Slamming on the brakes I leaped out, running towards her.  She happily jumped into the truck.  Sobbing with relief I drove back home.

She doesn't seem the worse for her adventure but it scared the tar outta me!  I have no idea how far she traveled but it was a good distance as she was spotted a mile from the house.  Lesson learned.  No more unsupervised time for my Tessa.  I think I'll be keeping her close to me today.

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MTWaggin said...

Holy Crap! I'm glad she turned up. Most likely a senior moment for as she changed her mind about the run and started out to look for you only to forget where she was. Supervised time is a good thing and she's home and happy so that is what counts.