Monday, August 29, 2011

It's Official!!

It's official!!  Guinness' papers came today and his official, registered name is "Single Malt Whiskey" and they've registered him as a bay!  I'm pumped.  It was my first choice name and I love bays!  I'll have to get some fresh pictures of the little monkey.  The only road block being right now I'm confined to sandals as I've had some minor, very minor, toe surgery and can't get a closed toe shoe on.   But I promise you as soon as I can get out there I'll be showing off some fresh pictures!


The Canadian said...

Sooo happy you got that name! I love it! It's the bestest name!!

MTWaggin said...

That is the coolest name! Glad you snagged it and now get that toe healed up! Will catch up on your blog when I have a moment now that I'm back.