Monday, August 15, 2011

Saskatchewan Bound!!

The pre-trip feelings of disorganization and panic have set in.  Tomorrow I load my truck with the two babies and head to Shaunavon Saskatchewan.  As best as I figure I'm looking at a 7-8 hour drive, not including breaks.  We're headed to a Faansie Basson clinic.  I know I'll learn a tremendous amount but I'm more than a little nervous!

Diva has been a handful lately.  She's started snarking at both Ryder and Tessa.  This is not cool.  And because I've been preoccupied with Diva and Reba, Ryder has taken a backseat in his socialization.  Which makes me feel a bit anxious.  That's my ego talking.  I really don't want to be known as the girl with the awful behaved dogs...  I know this is a golden teachable moment and I'll work hard at being patient and helping my dogs through the struggles we're sure to encounter.  On the plus side they both look pretty nice on sheep.

I'm headed to the barn for a last "cow" ride on Bacardi before she gets a holiday.  I've been riding daily and working with her.  The day after we return I haul her off to a Geoff Hoar clinic.  I'm really looking forward to learning from him.  He's such a great horseman.  I know she's not a superstar but I'm okay with that.  The thing that matters is she's shown a tremendous amount of growth in her training in a very short time.

I'll head to town after I ride to run some errands and then do a few major load of laundry.  Bath time for dogs before bed.  Pack the truck in the morning and we'll be off.  Bound for Saskatchewan!

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