Sunday, August 7, 2011

Down Time

It's been quiet here.  Reba, has sprained her groin and is on "keep her quiet" time.  I took her to see a chiropractor to get adjusted.  I really think it helped her.  She goes for a second treatment next week prior to going to her new home.  Blain (her new owner) and I have been exchanging texts.  I feel good about him as an owner.  I think the two of them will have fun together.

The mosquitoes have been particularly bad in the evenings so I've been hiding out in the house.  I've pretty much decided I'm allergic to bug spray and really avoid using it when possible.  Because my allergies have been so bad this summer I went into both my medical doctor and my optometrist and have a raft of new meds (and a referral to a specialist) to try.  You should have seen the look on my face when the optometrist asked if anyone had ever told me I slept with one eye open.  Apparently my eyes have ugly dry patches that he thinks could be caused by my eyelids not closing properly when sleeping.  Who knew?!?!

I love to read and have been enjoying my down time with the dogs sprawled out around me while I enjoy a book.  Normally, I prefer nonfiction and feel good happy ending type books, however the other night at the Bookmobile (library in a bus that services rural areas), I drifted over to the good read section.  There I selected a couple of "literary" type reads.  You know the type that Oprah would recommend.  The book I finished last night is a National Book Award Winner and it was awful.  The only reason I read the entire thing was I kept waiting for the plot to become clear.  The story line was muddied, and in places repetitive.  It stank.  The book could have been turned into a short story because there was only plot in the last few chapters.  The rest of the novel was strange meanderings where you had to reread and check back to figure out which character's thoughts you were now following as they didn't have distinct voice.  I must admit I've read romance novels with better writing than this novel.  In fact, I've read textbooks that were easier to follow....

Needless to say I really don't recommend the novel "Lord of Misrule" by Jaimy Gordon.  And here I thought a novel about horses would be right up my alley.  Ye Gads.  Live and learn.  Live and learn.

Today I'm going to do some sheep work with the babies, resume operation "halter Guinness", and with a little luck get a lesson from Jason.

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