Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Simple Comforts

For the past six months I've been struggling with some medical problem.  I've been on a variety of medications which have worked with a modicum of success.  This past weekend I felt the worst yet.  Taking a couple of days off work I went to see a new doctor who has been able to get me into a specialist.  Next week!  While this is exciting, I'm still not feeling up to my normal chipper self.  

What this means for the animals is unintentional neglect.  I feel bad about my lack of engagement.  I really do.  But don't have the energy or at time even feel well enough to leave the house.  To help mitigate my guilty feelings I've been bringing Reba into the house.  My little "outside" dog has taken to laying by the back door.  I'll go to the bench and sit for her to come to me for some petting action.  

With Tessa and Reba always teetering on the verge of war this entails some work.  Both dogs need a lot of prompts and correction to help them understand they don't "own" me or the house.  I'm the one who says who goes where.  With consistent work my girls seem to be developing a permanent truce.  They have both been reduced to the rare growl at the other.  Right now as I type I have Tessa sleeping on the left of my chair and Reba sleeping on the right.  I view this as a victory for me!

This means I get the emotional comfort and satisfaction of having my dogs around without stress.  And I don't feel so bad that I can't run with them, work them and on some days play with them.  My poor Border Collies are learning patience while I work on getting back to the owner they used to have.

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Chelsi said...

I wish you the best of luck in finding your health again. :) I'm sure your dogs can sense your issues and will be patient for you to heal:)