Monday, June 21, 2010

A Love Story

When Reba walked onto my place I had grand plans for her. I wanted to have a champion working dog (Working on it!) and with her great bloodline I wanted to have a foundation dog for my future program.

Making the decision last fall to not travel and compete this year, instead spend the time at home developing dogs and horses, I knew this would be a good time for Reba to have her first litter of puppies. I was still in researching mode when Reba came into heat in February so planned for her next cycle. (Which I figured would be around August.)

Never being one to follow the pack, Reba had other ideas. She came into season early (in my opinion). This of course caught me off guard! I hadn't been checking her so had no idea how far along she was... until a friend came to work his dogs at my place and Reba was abnormally friendly. Calling Louise I made arrangements to drive up to High Prairie. Where Reba would meet her future husband.

Lad is a lovely dog who ran an open run in Europe before he came here where he is predominately used to work on a sheep farm. I think he'll be a nice cross with Reba and I like that his bloodline is a fresh to Alberta.

With fingers crossed, I wait. In July I'll ultrasound Reba to see if she's in pup, and with a little luck in the middle of August we'll have some little Border Collies make an appearance.