Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Dog, Old Tricks??

Last night we had our first Thunder Boomer of the season. We have had wonderfully warm days, which in my neck of the woods mean tornado and severe thunderstorm weather. Tessa is a bug eyed freak show with any hint of major rain, wind or storm. She tries to burrow underneath your body, or if you happen to be so lucky as to be sleeping she'll jump up onto your bed and climb on your head. Rather like a stinky, panting hat. I don't enjoy storms for this reason and have yet to figure out how to get her neurotic behavior to stop.

As Reba ages she seems to be developing this irrational fear. Reba lives outside and couldn't have learned the behavior from Tessa, so the question I ask is, "Why do dogs become afraid of storms as they age?" Reba is not nearly has bad as Tessa. She leans towards panting heavily and wanting to hide in her crate or be close to her human. But I do worry she'll develop into the wild eyed demon much like Tessa.

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