Sunday, June 6, 2010

On The Road Again...

Saturday was a beautiful sunny spring day here.  It was also our date day.  Er, Whiskey's date day...  I hitched up the trailer, loaded the horse and my two Border's (Tessa and Reba) and hit the road.  

Whiskey's future boyfriend lives 2.5 hours from me, close to where I once lived in the heart of ranch country.  As we neared our destination I noticed some very black clouds.  The area I was headed into had been in a severe drought for years so the sight of clouds and water in the fields was a bit shocking.  

Even more shocking was the slimy slick gravel road I had to traverse to get to Brad's.  It was so bad I actually scared myself.  I eventually gave up and put the truck into 4 wheel drive to try and help it hold the road without fishtailing so badly.  (Fishtailing with a trailer attached is an ugly feeling!)  Poor Whiskey got the poop shook out of her!

Once at Brad's he hopped in and directed us to the section (250 acres) of land the horses were hanging out on.  Because it was so wet and we didn't want to risk getting stuck in the field (in order to exit I would have had to climb a slimy hill.) I ended up walking Whiskey in.  Once she caught sight of the herd I pulled her halter off and watched her go.  I had to wonder if horses remember each other because she went loping up to Hook (the stallion) nickering and squealing.  They greeted each other before the boss mare chased Whiskey out of the herd (normal).  

The herd seemed to settle although I'm sure there will be some messing around of pecking order with the new arrival.  They have enough space to move so I'm not terribly concerned about it.  Tessa and Reba enjoyed a run through the field getting nice and wet and muddy.  All to better baptize my truck with...

Today I spent a good chunk of time at the truck wash.  You see I had mud caked onto my truck and trailer an inch deep in places.  There is something satisfying watching clumps of dirt be pressure washed off.  Which sparked a mini cleaning binge.  Once home I took the pressure washer to the dog and horse water buckets cleaning them and then setting them in the sun to dry and "sanitize".  

Feels good to have a productive day!

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The Canadian said...

Lucky Whisky! Here's hopin she gets lucky!!!! He he!