Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Vet Rocks!

My vet rocks!  While I fully and completely don't appreciate having more vet bills I do appreciate the fact that I can call up the clinic, speak directly with my vet and have space made for my animal to be seen.  

On Sunday, I went out complete with latex gloves to check Whiskey's gross pustules.  And let me tell you they rank up there on the gross scale.  (I'll try to get home in daylight to catch some pics.)  When I went to pull on them huge, oozy chunks of hair came out.  Leaving behind angry looking bald patches.  Let's just say this is not normal!  Deciding not to treat her as my normally calm quiet horse was giving me the white of her eyes when I touched these things, I made an internal note to call the clinic on Monday.  

Sam, my superstar vet doesn't work Mondays but I left a message (with the receptionist) and when I didn't hear back I called the vet tech today and within 15 minutes the vet was on the phone with me.  Within 2 minutes of talking she decisively told me to bring her in when I can and they would make time for me.  So as soon as I was done work, Whiskey, Tessa and I hauled butt into the clinic.  

One glance at the nasties and Sam was grabbing a biopsy kit to get samples to send out to the lab.  There are a few concerns.  One being that Whiskey has some wacky autoimmune disorder which can manifest in skin lesions.  Another that she has a rare version of ringworm (before the cream it didn't resemble ringworm in any shape or manner).  And the final that she has an allergy to the medicated cream.  Whoooo Hoooo!  Call me lucky!  When your vet agrees that they're gross you know they're truly nasty!

We should hear back by Friday from the lab and hopefully we'll learn something definitive from them.  Sam agreed we shouldn't touch them until we know what's going on.


NoviceLife said...

Good Luck! I work with a horse rescue and we see all kinds of things like this. Just when you think y ou know what it is and how to treat it, it backfires! LOL

I wish you much success in figuring out Whiskey's condition!

The Canadian said...

Ewwwww! Poor Whisky! Hope you get it all figured out!