Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Results Are In

Sam called this morning with Whiskey's biopsy results.  At this point in time I'm not entirely sure if I'm relieved or anxious.  While some things were not particularly definitive, there is enough to confidently say she has some kind of low grade allergy.  Sam explained that in dogs it's very common to see recurrent skin infections, so it stands to reason horses wouldn't be that different.  The other thing is there were trace amounts of fungus but because she had been so inflamed the tests didn't work particularly well.  The revised treatment plan is to treat her with Imaverol (not sure on the spelling there) which is often used to treat things like ringworm.  In addition, Sam will do some research into a long term treatment plans.  It may mean some messing around with drugs and steroids.  

Because Whiskey has been such a stellar horse and I had been trying to breed her I asked if this could be genetic or hereditary.  Sam said there hasn't been much in the way of research done on the topic it is likely something that can be transferred.  Being the type of person I am if there is any question of potential complications I won't breed her.  Even though she meets all the other criteria:  great disposition, athletic, trainable. 

On that note, I had stumbled across a broodmare for sale on Kijiji.  While the mare is not broke she has pretty good bloodlines.  So now I'm on the fence trying to decide if this mare would be a good purchase.  I'm not sure if I can give up my dream of breeding my own performance horse, even though I know there are tons of babies for sale and people need to have very good reasons for breeding to help reduce the glut of unwanted horses.

What do you think?

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The Canadian said...

Hmmmm....dilemma eh? Wish I could give ya a magic answer...