Monday, August 10, 2009

Torn in Two

The last day and half I've been feeling torn in two.  After Sam was out and we discovered Whiskey was not in foal I began the process of notifying people in my life.  One person basically said I shouldn't do the biopsy because it could wreck my chances of ever having a foal (uterine scarring).  This of course scared me.  They suggested I should flush, and make another attempt at breeding - this season.  Let's not forget the vet said I should wait until we know what's going on.  

Breeding horses is not my thing.  I've learned a lot and am not afraid to read and ask questions but it's not the same as real life experience. I'm having a very difficult time making a decision - it's literally tearing me apart.  I feel a tremendous amount of internal pressure to do what's right for my mare.  Realistically, I would love a foal from her because her breeder is no longer breeding, she's very athletic, smart and has an outstanding temperament.  I've actually gone online to try and find other horses of her bloodlines.  No luck.

I've also learned the more times a mare doesn't catch the less chances you have of the mare catching in the future.  This being Internet based I'm not sure how valid the information is but it also scared me.  The other side of the coin is she did catch earlier this season (twins) and absorbed them.  Because Brad and Tashia were not home for a good portion of this heat cycle (mare and stallion in a pen together),  there is also the wild card issue of did the stallion even breed the mare.  

So I'm torn - should I give it one last shot for a late season baby, should I do the biopsy, or should I wait and make another attempt next year?  I just don't know what the right answer is.  And I desperately don't want to make any mistakes with Whiskey's health and happiness.  

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