Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Neatest Thing

This morning I was witness to one of the coolest things I've ever seen.  Bella is starting to come into her own and is spending more and more time with the sheep.  She seems to be maturing out of some of the silly adolescent behavior she had been subjecting us all to.  

As I was bringing the horses in from the field after their morning meal, Chevy (sheep) ran up to the top corral where I was tying each horse before going out for the others.  Bella had been lazing in the shade by the sheep when she saw Chevy running up the hill.  She proceeded to give a giant woof and ran after Chevy.  Chevy was looking around and seemed kinda confused.  I think he just realized his buddies were still out grazing.  

I continued on collecting up my horses.  As I was leading Roxy into the top corral, Chevy began bleating, clearly realizing he was alone and not seeming to know where the rest of the crew was.  Bella once again gave a giant woof and began to run down the hill towards the other sheep.  What makes this so cool is when Bella barked Chevy's head shot up and he began to run after her.  Basically, Bella led Chevy back to his buds.  Or so it seemed.  Bella of course was very pleased with herself.  

I find it fascinating that the sheep recognize Bella is there to take care of them.  I find it equally fascinating what hundreds of years of selective breeding can accomplish in a dog.  Bella is developing into a fine Livestock Guardian Dog.

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The Canadian said...

Cheers to your big fluffy shepherd! :)