Monday, August 24, 2009

Grab A Gun

Last week was a week of guns.  While working with the horses I heard Bella let out some running yelps getting increasing closer to the corrals.  Looking up I saw the biggest coyote I have ever seen.  Bella is not a small dog.  This coyote was the same height as her.  He was right on her flank biting at her and she was busting a move to get home.  Normally, Bella is the one that does the chasing, however I think she may have been ambushed because she didn't do her routine of warning barks.  And she doesn't generally run from predators - she is a livestock guardian dog after all.  This is the same dog that took on a coyote when she was four months old.  But she was definitely scared.  I ran waving my carrot stick, yelling, towards the field and the coyote slowly turned off.  He was clearly not afraid of me which makes me believe I need some new tools.  My whip isn't cutting it anymore.  So, I've decided I need to learn how to shoot.  As in a gun.  And yes, this animal lover is fully capable and willing to kill anything that threatens her little furry family.

I've also started shooting at Reba.  With a water gun!  After dealing with a scary dog fight between Tessa and Reba I decided I needed some serious artillery.  So I invested in a Super Soaker water gun.  And it works like a charm!  My brother and sister-in-law were up visiting with their puppy this weekend.  Reba was her charming rotten self.  So I spritzed her every time she looked funny at this puppy, every time she growled or made a negative mover she got sprayed.  Fun for me and very effective.  Worked well with Tessa too!  

Tonight when I was going to work the sheep with Joe, Reba began the awfullest racket.  So I sprayed her and magic - no more barking!  Love the water gun!  She's gotten so all I have to do is pick it up and she'll run into her house and pout.

Now all I need to do is develop some practice with a real gun and do some predator control of my own.


The Canadian said...

You go girl! If I didn't know you any better, I might think you were a hill billy! Ha ha! Love that you are taking matters into your own hands!

Carol............. said...

Fun post! I totally understand about the gun..LOL!

Country Girl said...

Thanks Carol! Sometimes you just need to stand up for your animals - lol.