Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A-Ha Moment

Yesterday evening, Guinness and Bugsy's new family came and picked them up.  It was a huge, massive moment of clairity for me.  I had prepared a "goodie" bag for S. the teenaged daughter, and watching her face when I gave it to her brought such joy to my heart.  It was filled with some of my favorite horse products.  The air crackled with excitement.  Not just the two girls and their friend, but the two adults were giddy with happiness too.

They had gone to a store and bought two new halters and lead ropes for the horses.  T. (mom/wife) said they had had so much fun looking and buying stuff.  As we walked back towards the barn I listened to M. (husband/father) talk about how he can't wait to work with Bugsy.  At this moment it sank in for me.  Two horse were going to be someone else's dream.  This was a family united.  They talked about how the grandparents were thrilled and ideas were coming out for how as a family unit the horses could be used.  This amazed me.

I realized this wasn't just about giving their children an opportunity.  It was about a family experience.  The huge smiles and eager anticipation to take "their" horses home.  This made me feel good.  While my dream fizzled, (I really wanted to compete with Guinness.), theirs was being born.

While sad to say goodbye, I'm happy to see the horses headed to a home that will love and use them.


MTWaggin said...

Seeeeeee I KNEW when you wrote that a lovely young girl was getting a new horse that you would indeed feel that warmth in your heart to help with the emptiness!

Liz Stout said...

This made me smile real big.