Monday, April 1, 2013

Dog Love

I just enjoyed a week off of "work".  Only I spent it working...  I had pulled a muscle in my back dealing with snow... I was officially on restricted activity.  My big physical outlet was walking and playing with the dogs.  My little doggy darlings started out the week needy.  After a few off leash walks to blow out some energy they settled in to enjoy their time with me.  It never fails to amaze me how steady they can be.  It's true they're growing up.  Ryder is sooooo soft.  When my back really hurt, he curled up beside me with his head on my lap.  When I went to town the dogs traveled along.  I loved this quality time with them.

Diva is slowly growing from problem child to awesome little creature.  She's developing her play drive.    Becoming much more consistent with her "fetch".  She has recalled and entered the house without being on leash!  She's also decided she's my dog and as such has been a bit bratty.  She seems to be jealous of Ryder.  She's taken to picking on Ryder.  He of course just takes it.  She ALWAYS picks her time when I can't easily get to correct her.  For example when I'm in bed.  Or on the toilet.  This is classic Diva.  She now sleeps with me every night.  Crawling up my body in the morning for a cuddle.  That's not the problem.  How territorial she is around Ryder is.  She will snark at him if he comes into the bedroom.  She has to eat first (even though there are two dishes with plenty of food).  She will even take the toy from his mouth!  Bratty, bratty behavior.  I know separation time will benefit them both but it's a wee bit challenging when I'm at work.  I don't know if I'm comfortable enough leaving one dog in the house and the second in the run while I work.

It seems, that I'm not the only person who loves the dogs.  I was telling mom about Diva.  Her comment was that maybe Ryder needed to come live with her for a little while.  I knew she loved him, I just didn't know how much.  (Mom has come here to visit me, but spent much of her time cuddling and playing with the dog...)  I know my parents miss Tessa.  I miss her too.  Mom's commented on how empty the house seems and how she misses walking with a dog.

So, it may, just may, happen that Ryder will go to my parents for a little stay-cation.  I'm not sure how I feel about this.


Liz Stout said...

Oh golly, I'd be sad and uncertain about him leaving for awhile, too! Do you get to swap out and make Diva go next?

MTWaggin said...

I'm going to guess that if Diva is picking on Ryder all the time he'd relish being able to have some quiet loving time with your folks ALONE! It just may be a better place for him all around.