Friday, March 15, 2013

Work, Work, and More Work

I finished a university work binge, only to settle in to a work work binge.  I feel as though I'm treading water to keep from drowning.  My poor dogs have been spectacularly patient with me.  On Sunday I brought them to work with me.  I needed time in the classroom and didn't want to leave them behind.  There were two other teachers in the building.  Both dogs were appropriate in their greetings.  Ryder trotted around with his ball.  Playfully dropping it for them to throw.  Diva ignored them.  (Which for Diva is super positive.)  Both dogs happily followed me around. listening to what I asked of them.  We were in the work room photocopying science, (Ryder was FREAKED by the photocopier!), when we walked out we walked into a crowd of people.  Surprised I froze.  (Never expect to see people on the weekend.)  My principal was touring some people through the school.  Calling dogs into sit (no leashes), I waited.  And waited.  Realizing they weren't going to clear the area anytime soon.  I knew we'd have to go through them.  Calling dogs in close to me I began moving along the wall to pass them.  Ryder trotted along with his ball, completely ignoring the people.  Diva tucked her tail and got a little tense but also moved through the people.  No barking, growling, or snarling.  Progress.

The work week brought more evening work.  The dogs didn't always get their walks.  I took them into the yard to play race and chase.  Diva looked at me.  Looked at Ryder.  Looked at me.  Looked at Ryder.  And ran to the horse pen.  Ignoring her I continued playing with Ryder.  After a couple of minutes I used my most enthusiastic voice and called for her. 

Ready for this???

She came.  Not an amble.  But she came in a full out run.  I was stunned.  She never does that.  I always have to go out to the field and chase her out of the pen.  Leaning down I gave her hugs and dog treats.  I was so proud of her!  She's really coming out of her shell.  She's bonding with me.  Finally.

Other news coming soon....


MTWaggin said...

Glad to see we've not lost you!!!

Liz Stout said...

So awesome! Go Diva! And go both pups with all those people! Very, very cool. I need to start focusing on working with Kenai to get a "stick with me" cue hammered in.