Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Action Plan

With the horse absence entering my life I have a plan.  I'm planning on riding in a clinic in June.  Ken has already agreed to loan me a mount.  The bonus of having friends with a plethora of horses is that no matter what - I will always have access to a horse.  Ken and I chatted.  We'll see how my summer goes.  If (massive if here) IF, I have time... he will "loan" me a horse for the end of July/August.  (I fly out to Portland, Oregon this July to satisfy my residency requirement.)  I'll also be working on writing my first draft of my capstone paper.  (Think similar to thesis.)  Then when things heat up in September for me I'll send the horse back.

My graduate program is finished end of December 2013.  Next summer, I will look for a horse.  A horse that must have these specific qualities:

  • Be fully trained or have a very, very solid start on it.  (I love my babies - horses -  but this is NOT the right time for me to have any.)
  • Prefer mare but will accept gelding.
  • Have an easy going, stay "broke" attitude.  
  • Have potential to make a "family" horse.  
  • Be 15 hh +.
  • Be an all around type horse that I can do a variety of activities with.  
I love the cutting stuff, and I love having young horses but at this point in my life I just need something I can enjoy.  That I don't need to worry about.  I know all the other horsey stuff will come with time.  

And if I start talking crazy - kick me in the arse!!!!


Liz Stout said...

Portland? Residency? Huh?

Super best of luck with paper writing. I hate that bidness. Blech. Kick its butt and get it done!

Country Girl said...

I need to spend time on the Portland University campus taking classes. This is a requirement in order to qualify for degree. So my entire "Edmonton" cohort flies to Portland this summer.