Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oh Dear

I've been in a blogging slump.  A boring blogger if you will.  The problem is life has just been clicking along.  And I keep forgetting to get the camera out to update pics of the fur family.  I've been busy with work and university.  Busy with Sarge.  Busy getting the yard ready for winter.  Busy working with the dogs.

This past weekend was the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend.  I spent Saturday at the farm.  I worked Diva twice, Ryder and Tessa once each.  Diva is making outstanding progress.  She's beginning to understand the "walk up" and drive concepts.  That little dog is crazy smart.  Man she picks up on stuff quickly.  Ryder ran into some sheep trouble.  I wanted to put him into a stock pressure situation.  The sheep did not want to go off the grass and onto the plowed pasture.  This is where I asked Ryder to push them into the dirt.  What happened was a face off with stomping feet sheep.  Eventually my lead sheep took a few runs at Ryder.  Poor Ryder has NO bite.  This was not good.  I had to eventually help him (which did end up with a sheep knocking me arse over tea kettle).  His confidence was a bit shaken so we worked on making him feel spunky again.  I decided to work Diva in the exact same situation because I wanted to know if it's the sheep or the dog.  Diva had no opposition from the sheep.  Which generally means it's the dog...  Tessa was a rotten little freak.  I guess it doesn't matter as long as she has fun.

That evening I went with my parents to our favorite Italian restaurant.  I followed it up with a viewing of Snow White and the Huntsman.  Fantastic day.

Sunday brought a major yard work binge.  I began early in the day and ended up taking my garden out, taking down dead vegetation, removing some branches/brush that had been interfering with my fence, and cut my grass.  In addition I moved all my pots and deck stuff into the barn for winter storage.  Then the dogs and I headed to the farm for more sheep works.  Once back in my cozy house, I settled down to read.  In July I had requested a book.  A book I was curious about.  Let's just say I was 50 shades of something...  and yep - finished the book in one sitting.

Monday brought digging out my perennial beds.  They are now officially cleaned out.  Sigh of sheer happiness.

And today, today brought work and nasty weather.

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The Canadian said...

Crazy how it seems like some days we have cameras out non-stop, phone cameras, computer cameras, DSR cameras, point and shoot camers and others days we cant seem to find even one!! Missed ya in the blogging world!