Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Someone Talk Me Off The Ledge

I am standing on a slippery slope.  A ledge.  One I'm about to leap and free fall off of.

Quick!  Someone talk me down!

Hello, my name is Andrea and I have a problem.  I have an addiction to Kijiji and all things horses.  I have a deep and compulsive need to horse shop.  I can't control this impulsive behavior.

Someone tell me now all the reasons I don't need any more animals.  Quick!

Here's the problem: I'm dying to ride.  I dream of it.  I imagine it.  I fantasize about it.  This has led to the next issue.  Logic need not apply...  I got to thinking about Guinness, and how Guinness would benefit from a friend.  (Jonnie will be moving home sooner rather than later.)  This got me thinking about cutting and university.  I realize that I won't be doing anything resembling cutting until I'm done university.  Just the thought of trying to do both time wise and financially gives me hives.  That got me to thinking about some of the coolest horse I know.  Which in turn made me want one.


Long story short?  There are two paint weanlings on Kijiji - cheap!  They are PRR breeding.  I really want a PRR horse.  My dilemma?  Buy the baby cheap, or contact the breeder who happens to take payments, who also happens to have many lovely horses for sale...  Lovely horses that would be wonderful all around, even working cow horses...

Quick!  Someone tell me NO!  Stop and think!  Guinness will go for training in the spring.  I'll be riding him in the summer.  I don't NEED another horse.

But I've gotta tell ya - I sure want one?

Which would you pick - Kijiji or something straight from the breeder?  And if from the breeder which one would YOU go for??


Liz Stout said...

Sure I'll talk you off the ledge... And into horse ownership!

GET ANOTHER! Weeeeee!!

The Canadian said...

STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have a horse, one you will ride when the snow is gone. It's gonna snow, and get cold and what are the chances you'll be riding a whole bunch in the freezing cold winter?? I know, I know, you think you will haul to arenas...really? you barely have time now to scratch your ass, right?? LOL

I totally understand and won't blame ya if you get another one....sure would be fun, wouldn't it??????