Monday, October 22, 2012

Spittin' Mad

There is a reason that if I choose to sell one of my dogs they are priced up.  People value things that cost them more money more.  Stupid, yet true.  Particularly when you look at livestock or animals.  I received a phone call from the Edmonton Humane Society today.  Joe had been hit by a car and taken in.  Because I had him microchipped when I neutered him, and his "new" owners never changed the information, I was called.  This was the second call about this dog since I rehomed him.  I feel mad and responsible for my little rescue not ending up in the kind of forever home he deserved.

I believe part of the problem lies in his price point.  I only asked for the money back that I put out to neuter him.  Realistically this is less than what he would have cost as a puppy.  (He was papered.)  The lady at the Society assured me that they'd find him a new home.  They said the lady who brought him in was interested in adopting him.

Either way, I'm irked.  How dare you lead me to believe you'd be a good home?  How dare you not care for this dog the way he deserves?  I hope Karma gets you.

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The Canadian said...

oh noooo!!!! So heart breaking!!!!